I know I’m atrocious about blogging new projects, but better late than never, right?

Anyways, last month I worked with Wesley Zhao and another Penn freshman (Dan Shipper) on The Grim Tweeper, which lets you cycle through your list people you’re following and decide to “kill” or “keep” them (unfollow or keep following?). At first I was skeptical–why wouldn’t you just go through your following list? But then I realized that by adding some more information, as well as a little fun, it could be something that people would really like. As Wesley said, “You’ll want to do it! It just needs that sexy, gamey touch!” I wasn’t sure that I was the one to add a sexy, gamey touch, but I really liked the name so I jumped on.

After a few days, when the site was kinda-sorta finished, one member of the team (who shall remain nameless) sent press releases out to a dozen media sources. I was horrified. Nothing was done! The logo looked atrocious! The site didn’t work in Internet Explorer! (Okay, the site still doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. We decided that, given an audience of Twitter users, it didn’t really matter.) I was in a panic.

None of the media sources he contacted gave us any press. I was peeved. But then, somehow Time.com’s Techland (yes, TIME’s tech blog!) decided to write about us. (Best guess: They found Wesley’s Hacker News post, which gained quite a few points pretty quickly.)

That generated a fair amount of traffic (almost 11,000 page views in the past month!), posts on people’s personal blogs, and even videos like this:

So maybe I should just roll with it.

[Pics when I change the logo, which is still embarrassing to me. I guess I haven’t quite learned to roll with it yet.]



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