…well, there are many things which I suspect I wouldn’t be concerned about, the least of which being where I’m going to go to college.

However, I suspect I might be concerned about income from my apps. As a cheap student, I simply don’t purchase paid iPhone apps (the one exception would be the marvelous WolframAlpha app) and I don’t want to make an app that I myself wouldn’t use. Even the freemium model–which is what Matthew and I are planning on for our mysterious Project Crema–irritates me a little. Alas, you do what you can.

But if I were wildly successful, I would probably have a fan base, of a sort. And fan bases can be monetized.

So this is what I would do: I would develop an app that simply showed people ads for things which they might be interested in. I’d have very strict aesthetic standards for ads, and I would be meticulous about who I’d show what. This may sound nuts–who wants to see more ads?!–but I discovered that I actually appreciate the ads that Tweetie, my Twitter client, shows. They’re pretty and they show me things I want to see.

But even if people don’t care for the ads, I would expect some loyalty from my fan base. As someone who likes free apps, I want to support the developers. Alas, this is often something that I won’t do: Apps typically display ads for things that I just don’t want in my browser history (“Meet singles!” and “Are U Drunk” are two common ones. And the honest explanation would not be the believable one). So by displaying clean, pretty, and trustworthy ads, I suspect people would click them just to support my cheap but successful app machine. Of course, this would have to be inherent and not explicit in the app, since it wouldn’t appeal much to advertisers who, say, pay by click.

Alas, I am not a wildly successful iPhone developer (only a wildly pathetic one), so I don’t have this option, and I still have to worry about where I’m going to go to college.



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