I’ve been really anxious tonight about this and that, and I find that I like to throw pages together when I’m in that state.

That said, I’ve started expanding on a design I did a few days ago, adapting it for a new idea I’ve had since then. The original idea was a launching point, a poor idea that would hopefully evolve or spawn something new. I also wanted to see what I could do with a minimum of images.

My new idea is completely unrelated–spawned more by my new mantra of “simple, social, vain” than anything else–but I’m adapting the design which I began for “Know Thyself,” the tongue-in-cheek name that I coined for the old project.

So far, I still like the direction of the KT design more (although obviously it’s still really incomplete):

The bones of the homepage for Know Thyself (which incidentally uses very few images--even the line is a solid div, and the logo uses Google Fonts). Hopefully some of this aesthetic will carry over into the new project, but it's a lot squarer so far.




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