On a whim, Drew and I decided to start an Iron Blogger group in Seattle. You’re invited.

What does that mean?

Well, the premise is pretty simple. Everyone in the group commits themselves to writing a post each week. If you don’t write your post, you owe $5 into the pot. When the pot fills up, everyone goes out and has a beer–or the non-alcoholic drink of their choice. Personally I like lemonade.

And then this starts all over again. For a better idea of how this works, check out the San Fransisco group’s blog or my friend Alexey’s post. (Thanks for the inspiration, Alexey!) Note that there’s no guidelines on quality or length, but if you write a two word post… well, I hope you’ll feel at least a little guilty.

Tweet at me (@temiri) or Drew (@drewinglis) if you’re in the Seattle area and you’d like to join. (If you’re not in Seattle, start your own!) We’ll start on June 11, 2012, but feel free to hop in at any time. We’ll be keeping track of everyone’s debt at ironblogger.tumblr.com, though Drew has been fantasizing about writing some kind of Iron Blogger engine.




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