Matthew Sorensen and I have long talked about making a series of stupid websites and running ads off them. We’ve titled it “Project Stupid” (which I think is apt) and we officially began our work last Wednesday, working on a page called “Artist’s Statement” (which I will link to when it’s more complete). We even have a good URL–Matthew owns, which for a while was running his blog. He’s agreed to sacrifice it for the cause, but has groaned about taking down the “longest-running Haskell-powered blog engine.” (The blog is down now.)

So yesterday, I whipped up “Make-A-Major.” I’m hoping to turn it in for class credit, but, either way, I think it’s pretty damn nifty. (The pathetic thing is that I’ve managed entertain myself with it.)

Computational Linguistics? What an awesome sounding field! (;

There’s still work to be done, however:

  1. Fix the way the colors are done. Right now, the PHP reads from a text file, which includes the HTML tags to alter the color. Lame, I know, but I didn’t think the word list would ever be that long. However, after posting about it on Intersect, people made several great suggestions. This will also help with #3.
  2. Add permalink (that is, URL params + a PHP if statement) and share on Twitter button. Whee, more URL params!
  3. Let people suggest their own words! This will be the most difficult to implement.
  4. Get the thing up on whyitsabadidea and incorporate it into Project Stupid!

Alas, I also have to be a student and apply for college. I wish I could do this stuff all the time.



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